Talk:5 Novelettes, Op.15 (Glazunov, Aleksandr)

Can anyone confirm that this is really a Kalmus reprint of the Belaieff edition? It looks to me like an International Music reprint of a Muzgiz edition.

It's definitely a reprint of Belaieff, Kalmus may very well have reprinted an International reprint of the original, though. Muzgiz was reprinting Belaieff and other 19th century Russian publishers into the 1950s. Carolus 14:04, 17 March 2009 (EDT)

1st vs. Revised edition.

Apparently there was a first edition of this piece published that is considerably different from the score that is available today. Somehow the guys of the St. Petersburg Quartet had access to this first edition and recorded it. For those of you interested give a listen to their recording while reading the score from IMSLP. Pay attention to the Coda of the 1st movement and a couple of sections in the 4th movement. Very different and in some ways, nicer. If anyone is aware of a way to get a hold of the first edition please let me know!