Talk:8 Harpsichord Sonatas, Op.1 (Alberti, Domenico)

I suspect the notes of the first bar, left hand of Sonata V, Allegro Moderato, p.28, are written a third too high. Could you please check your source?


Hello, I have consulted the facsimile edition I used and am able to confirm that m.1 LH begins on c'. Interestingly, the source uses an alto clef for that measure before changing to a bass clef in m. 2. While Mr. Walsh's engraver was in the main reasonably accurate, this particular movement seemed to require more editorial intervention than normal. Your reading is superior and must be regarded as indisputably correct. It resolves the clash between the lefthand f' and the righthand f' later on in the measure and brings the interval between the treble and bass voices into conformance with that found in m.16. May I incorporate your correction in any future revision? Yours, Stephen Henry

Sure you may! My correction is'nt copyrighted! But may be an editorial note is needed there. Does your typesetting software allows Ossia passages? (if there is enough room).


Greetings, I have finally gotten around to revising the Alberti and have incorporated your improvement to the first measure of the first movement of the fifth sonata. It is noted in the critical report. Thank you very much for your suggestion. I hope my amateur effort will be of some use until a proper edition comes along. Yours, Stephen Henry

How I think Alberti basses should be played

Are the MIDI's made by you playing a digital keyboard, or does your typesetting software converts it automatically from your score? I'm sure harpsichordists or pianofortists would play Alberti basses overlegato or legatissimo i.e. prolong the notes when the harmony doesn't prevent it like here (Sonata II p.8 meas.4).


Then these Alberty basses would sound less mechanical.

Hello, The embedded MIDI files were merely by-products of the notation program used to note-set this edition. They are admittedly of poor quality and do scant justice to these rather nifty little pieces. I included them in the hope of stimulating some interest in this music and perhaps tempt pianists to give them a try. Thank you for your kind attention. Yours, Stephen Henry