Talk:9 Miniatures, SO 72 (Ornstein, Leo)

This page is quite confusing.

The James Adler recordings, though available from Severo's website, are a commercial recording -- from Albany Records:

The commercial records have nothing to do with 9 Miniatures. They do include other Ornstein works, so I guess they are somewhat related, but many of those tracks are also available free from

There needs to be some consistency here.

The recordings on the page are actually direct links to Severo's site, not files hosted here. So, even though the recordings are commercial recordings, they are hosted at Severo's non-commercial site. Although this work is PD in the USA, it is protected in nearly all other countries - so Severo (as copyright owner of the work itself) has a right to host the recordings at his site. He has expressly granted this site permission to deep-link the recordings hosted there. Also, the three selections from this work - the 9 Miniatures - are listed on the page you linked for the Albany CD. Carolus 03:11, 22 June 2010 (UTC) (IMSLP Copyright Admin)