Talk:Apolitical Intellectuals (Rzewski, Frederic)

For some reason this file apparently disappeared from IMSLP.

According to the WIMA->IMSLP transfer log there should exist a file,

I've re-uploaded the score and recreated a work page.

I am aware of the potential copyright issues with that score. I asked Rzewski about this back in August. Here is an excerpt from his reply:

I don't have any permission from anybody for these things, except for "Triumph of Death", which was originally written as music for a theatrical production of Peter Weiss' play "L'Investigation" ("Die Ermittlung"), for which permission was granted at the time (1988).

Well, that's why it was removed before - if we don't have permission to host it here then it cannot be uploaded to IMSLP at all. I was under the impression that you had planned to keep the few files with copyright issues hosted elsewhere? (This will have to come down again, by the way.) Thanks, KGill talk email 20:41, 23 November 2011 (UTC)