Talk:Bassoon Concerto in F major, Op.24 (Kummer, Gotthelf Heinrich)

not Kaspar Kummer, or the initials on the title page would not be G.H., but rather J.C., J.K. or J.G. G.H. plus the bassoon solo very very strongly suggests bassoonist Gotthelf Heinrich Kummer, listed in MusicSack (several of whose compositions, under Kummer (G.H.) ) turn up around this time in HMB (and perhaps others just under Kummer (G.) causing confusion with Kaspar/Gaspard Kummer's work, but unlikely. Eric 16:32, 28 April 2011 (UTC)

in this connection, page 56 of the August 1826 AMZ (@ Google Books if one can read it) contains a statement in German I cannot quite make out, by Kaspar Kummer, about a Bassoon Concertino opus 27 published, it seems, under his name or something. I am guessing- guessing only- that he is claiming that it is not actually by him- but perhaps he is doing just the opposite- or something third-door (sorry) something quite entirely different. I wonder what goes on...and if it relates to this in some vague way. Eric 03:12, 30 August 2011 (UTC)