Talk:Benvenuto Cellini, H 76 (Berlioz, Hector)

Opus number

Berlioz's opus number, Œuvre 23, strictly applies only to the concert overture extracted from the opera. Berlioz published various sections of the work during his life: the overture and selections in 1838, the vocal score (of the Weimar version) in 1856, and retrospectively gave the concert overture its numbering around the time when he was assessing a number of similar works. So I would propose the title of this page ought to be one of the following:

  • Benvenuto Cellini (Berlioz, Louis Hector) (if it includes the whole opera)
  • Grand Overture to Benvenuto Cellini, Op. 23 (Berlioz, Louis Hector) (if it doesn't!)

I've already renamed Les Troyens, which was mistakenly given the opus number for the Requiem; there are also some ambiguities surrounding other Berlioz opus numbers - for example, he re-used Opp. 1 and 2 after withdrawing some early works from print. Philip Legge @ © Φ 04:43, 10 August 2007 (EDT)