Talk:Biblische Bilder, Op.73 (Gulbins, Max)

This is not the complete score; the file is only the first half of the complete score. I don't know the proper english word for it. In German it is called 'Heft 1', in French 'cahier 1', in Dutch 'katern 1'. Since I received this from a old colleague, who was sorting out old stuff he had double, I got this piece. He doesn't have the 2nd part. Since this piece was printed in 1912, and Gulbins died in 1932, I believe it is free in America and Canada. I believe I have read somewhere, these countries only respect the first 60 years after a composer has died. And Gulbins is dead for 78 years now, if my mathematical skills haven't completely left me!

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Actually, Canada is life plus 50 years, the EU is life plus 70 years, and the US back then relied solely on date of publication - anything before 1923 is fine. You are entirely correct, however, that this work is in the public domain in all of those countries. The correct English term would be 'Book 1' or 'Part 1', but if the score says 'Heft 1' then it's probably more practical to leave it in German. Cheers, KGill talk email 20:39, 2 December 2010 (UTC)