Talk:Yellow River, Op.7 (Xian, Xinghai)

Is this the cantata on which the "Yellow River Concerto" was based?

Hi. I was just wondering if this is the original work that the famous "Yellow River Concerto" was based on. It was based on the "Yellow River Cantata", yet the work here is titled "Symphonic Chorus 'Yellow River'" - at least as far as the page title is concerned. (I have a slow Internet connection, so I haven't yet examined the score itself, but will do so in due course.)

If this is indeed the Yellow River Cantata, maybe the page's title needs to be renamed. Or is "Symphonic Chorus 'Yellow River'" an excerpt from the full Cantata? Still, 230 pages is a very long excerpt.

Is there any chance the "Yellow River Concerto" will be posted here, or is that tied up in copyright? And which version(s)? I believe both the Cantata and Concerto have a tangled, convoluted history, with many versions appearing at various times. I did hear some years ago that the four composers who collaborated on the "Yellow River Concerto" were planning to get together and produce a revised version, but I don't know if this ever happened. (I believe one lives in America now, and one lives here in Melbourne, Australia.)

Anyway, if the Concerto could be posted here, I would be very interested to see the score for it.

(P.S.: I hope it's okay, but I'm posting this for the second time: the first time I posted it on the discussion page for this composition, it got renamed minutes later and the discussion page associated with the new title was still empty; and so my earlier version may be lost, or at least not easily findable.) M.J.E. 17:44, 12 February 2010 (UTC)

Oops..... yes, this is the Cantata "Yellow River", I will fix the name.

The history for the cantata is simple, it was written by Xian, Xinghai. He wrote two versions, the first is with Chinese-instrument orchestration and he finished off the second version with full Western orchestra instead, in Moscow. This is the second version, which was still completed and published when he was still alive.

The concerto is the one with the convoluted history........ It was written by four musicians (lead by Yin, Chengzong) in 1969, using the materials from the cantata. However all four authors are still alive so obviously not PD!