Talk:Canzone, Op.55 (Bruch, Max)

The cello part is a copy from Edition Breitkopf Nr.8072. This is currently in the Breitkopf catalogue.

Already in IMSLP is ISMLP12433. This is public domain and comprises a score (piano and cello part) with plate number V.A.3282/84, and a solo part transcribed for viola with plate number V.A.3283.

The score from Edition Breitkopf Nr.8072 (not uploaded) is almost identical to the score of public domain ISMLP12433. The only changes are; 1. the titles, 2. references to ‘corno’ in the piano part have been changed to ‘Horn’ 3. the addition of bar numbers 4. the removal of the plate numbers 5. the addition of Edition Breitkopf 8072 in the bottom left and Brietkopf & Hartel in the bottom right of the first page. Breitkopf have reused the old public domain plates for the new edition with these minor changes.

The cello part submitted from Edition Breitkopf Nr.8072 is identical to the cello part in the score of ISMLP12433, with no editing of bowing. There is no mention of an editor in Edition Breitkopf Nr.8072. There are some fingerings in the cello part of Edition Breitkopf Nr.8072. These use an old style font, similar to the page numbers which are used in this part and in the public domain score of ISMLP12433. A very different font is used for the new bar numbers. There are also some similar fingerings in the public domain viola part of ISMLP12433. So these fingerings are part of the original plate.

The part scanned and uploaded from Edition Breitkopf Nr.8072 is public domain as it uses public domain plate number V.A.3282 with only minor changes, which are insufficient to claim new copyright.

Orchestra Parts Errata

Clarinet 1

rehearsal letter [A] - relocated to 5th bar

Horn 1

[B]+2 - first note corrected to an eighth note