Talk:Cello Sonata No.2, Op.79 (Gernsheim, Friedrich)

Relation of op.79 to op.78

there may be a relation or even several -thematic relations and others- but looking at the manuscript of op.79 at SBB, if the end of the manuscript is the end of the piece and the movements are in order in the manuscript (I know this is not always the case), they are certainly not the same work for different orchestrations, as I think someone claimed (in an edit to the List of Compositions page some while back) - op.79 apparently ends in a cascade of minor-mode notes, op.78 ends in major and as I recall reasonably triumphantly. There are, it's true, starker differences in Romantic music, but that's a pretty big one. Eric 16:21, 1 March 2012 (UTC)