Talk:Cello Sonata in E-flat major, G.16 (Boccherini, Luigi)

This Sonata could be G.11 ?
It has the same movements (although in a different order )
1. Largo
2. Allegro
3. Minuetto
as mentioned on the Boccherini Complete list and Gérard numbers page.
1. Allegro (mi bémol majeur)
2. Largo (mi bémol majeur)
3. Tempo di Minuetto (mi bémol majeur)

No, this is a version of G.16 with the Largo of G.11. I controlled the incipits in the Gérard catalogue, and they correspond (Gérard even mentions manuscripts of G.16 which contain also the Largo which he lists under G.11)