Talk:Coloured Leaves (Baines, William)

Last one or more pages missing.

Hi. I'm really glad these wonderful, neglected, nearly lost pieces by William Baines are here; thanks for providing them - I had been looking for them for decades, and have only found one or two odd pieces, years apart, in second-hand bookshops. I once contacted the British Library, and they thought it *might* be possible to photocopy them for me, but only after a staggering amount of paperwork and hoop-jumping, which would have been quite daunting from Australia, where I am. So finding these pieces here is one of the best musical finds I've made for many years.

I just thought I'd let you know that at least the last page of this particular score appears to be missing. The final double bar-line is not visible at the end: I might have taken it just to have faded or gone off the right margin, because the piece almost looks complete, ending on a C-sharp-minor triad; but I do seem to recall from Eric Parkin's recording of this piece that it ends on a B octave, above a bare C-sharp in the bass, not just an ordinary triad like that shown here. It would seem therefore that this is not in fact the last page, and that the end of the piece is missing.

Is there any chance that this could be rectified, please? I would be really glad to have this piece complete.

Thanks. Do you know how much music Baines wrote that is not already on this site? I believe there may be a few more odd piano pieces, maybe a piano sonata; and there is a Symphony in C minor, and maybe other orchestral or chamber works. M.J.E. 08:17, 21 January 2009 (EST)

An hour or two later, a bit of an oops - I was just looking further at Baines' music, and noticed that the last of his 7 Preludes ends with an A octave above B minor in the bass - exactly the type of ending I thought I remembered for the missing ending of "Coloured Leaves" ("Purple Heights") - that is, a loud octave a minor 7th above the bass note. It looks as if I've confused the two pieces, which are somewhat similar in character, and the ending of "Purple Heights" may not be as I said.
This perhaps slightly weakens my earlier supposition that the last page of this piece is missing, since clearly I don't now recall how this piece ends. (I haven't heard Eric Parkin's recording for some years now.) But the missing double bar-line still makes it look possible that the "end" of this piece is not in fact the end.
Anyway, I thought I should correct my mistaken statement earlier; but if the piece is incomplete, it would be good if this could be fixed some time.
Thanks. M.J.E. 09:47, 21 January 2009 (EST)