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To my knowledge, there was never a "complete" edition of Chopin's works edited by Rafael Joseffy. The etudes, polonaises and sonatas have always been missing from the Joseffy series.

Neither was there a "complete" edition by Arthur Friedheim. In fact, the only genre to be edited by Friedheim is the etudes.

(I placed the word "complete" in quotation marks because it's not quite accurate even in the case of Mikuli: Schirmer's volumes of the Sonata Op. 65 and the Rondo Op. 73 were edited by Schultz and Hughes, respectively, and the edition of the Polish songs is uncredited.)

Finally, once part of the Joseffy series was a reduction for second piano of the orchestra accompaniment to the Four Concert Pieces. I've never seen it, but its catalog number was LB 1352. Steve Bob 17:48, 10 May 2010 (UTC)

Commentaries by James Huneker.


I've been checking editions of Chopin's work for files which include commentaries by James Huneker. Extensive comments discussing the pieces appear in Schirmer editions edited by Carl Mikuli, Rafael Joseffy, or Arthur Friedheim - possibly all these editions. The comments appear in several essays, each devoted to a particular genre of category of Chopin's works, so that the essay, several pages long, dealing with the Nocturnes, for example, appears in the front of the Nocturne volume, and similarly for the rest.

I think most of these essays can be found included within some of the files for the pieces of music - not in all of them, but typically included within the files for the earliest piece or group of pieces within a particular genre.

One volume in both the Mikuli and Joseffy editions was called "Various Compositions", and included compositions such as the Barcarolle, Berceuse, Tarantella, Bolero, and so on which don't fit into any of the other categories - and I believe it had an essay also, discussing these various pieces.

I've been trying to find a file on this site which includes this, and can't seem to find it: none of the files for those pieces that I've seen include it, although some include the thematic index for the volume. I'm just wondering, if anyone knows of any files that do include it, could they please reply here and let me know? It's possible, I suppose, that I may have overlooked some files. Are there, for instance, longer files including all the pieces in one of these volumes in a single file, which may include James Huneker's essay? If so, I may not have found this in the particular pages for specific opuses.

If anyone can point me to this, I'd be grateful. Thanks.

I've just noticed I unintentionally posted the above in the older discussion page. Since I suspect it is rarely seen now, I'll repost it in the more recent discussion page.