Talk:Concert donné au souper du roy (Lully, Jean-Baptiste de)

It seems that this work is not by Jean-Baptiste Lully, but by one of his sons. The title page reads: 'Concert... donné... le seise janvier 1707... composée [sic] par Monsieur de Lully fils...' (Concert... given on January 16, 1707... composed by M. de Lully Jr...). The word 'fils' (son) has been added later, perhaps by Philidor himself, who copied the MS score (he actually copied hundreds of scores, being librarian to Louis XIV). This makes possible that the author of this Concert donné au souper du Roy is Louis de Lully (1664-1734), or Jean-Louis de Lully (1667-1688), or more possibly Jean-Baptiste de Lully Jr (1665-1743), who held a court position after his father's death. Could someone check up on the attribution? I can't do that myself since I'm only a hopeless amateur... Chris

You are are completely right. The database record at BNF is here. It is indeed composed by Jean-Baptiste de Lully... I didn't see that small difference :) --Peter 12:18, 1 November 2006 (EST)