Talk:Etudes in Variation Form on a Theme by Beethoven, WoO 31 (Schumann, Robert)

I'd love to be able to edit the "Commercial Recordings" section, but can't. The advertised link (to Brendel's recording) is bogus. It doesn't contain the piece (Schumann's variations on Beethoven's Larghetto from Symphony No.7). Instead the interested reader can look for the recording by Ragna Schirmer published by Edel (0017862BC Berlin Classics) in 2006.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about this: that section is automatically generated by a search on, which means that from the IMSLP end there is no control over what appears there. Sorry, KGill talk email 13:56, 19 May 2011 (UTC)

I heard Awadagin Pratt play this piece on a recital tonight (10/29/11). He played Beethoven's theme at the end of Schumann's variation-├ętudes. The theme was stated simply, almost a transcription of the theme as written in the symphony no. 7. What struck me as especially interesting is the way the theme was not stated at all in the beginning of the Schumann piece, but was stated at the end in this performance. However, I don't see the theme in its pure form anywhere in the pdf of the score here in this site. It's neither at the end, nor the beginning, nor anywhere in between. Is the theme listed at some point in the piece in other editions, or did Pratt simply choose to play a transcription for piano of the Larghetto from Beethoven's 7th?