Talk:Fantasie in D major, F.17 (Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann)

Dear NachoBA,

just wanted to say thanks for the Fantasias. I am new here, and not quite sure where to post comments. I also sent a note to you (i.e. clicked on "NachoB) on a different page... whatever; keep ┬┤em coming!  :)


p.s. here's the message I posted earlier on the other page, not sure you ca see it there:

THANKS for putting up the 4 Friedemann Bach FANTASIAS! Are there any more forthcoming? For years I have been trying to find a fantasia in (I think) G minor; it was used in an old German movie (very corny film, but fun) called "Friedemann Bach." In any case, thanks for all the great scores you are contributing.

-mhurshell Thanks for your kind words. Yes, there are four pending to be uploaded, but unfortunatelly non of them is in G minor. regards