Talk:5 Mystical Songs (Vaughan Williams, Ralph)

The orchestral parts in these files are not from 1911. They were typeset at some point after 1958. The reason for the date of 1958 is that the typeface Optima is used in the parts and is original to the parts themselves; Optima was released in 1958.

The copyright claim is dated 1911. Yes, the manuscript parts are obviously much later than 1911. I would date them from no earlier than the 1960s, and obviously the work of a professional copyist. The full score (which will soon be added) is likewise a manuscript - apparently made by the same copyist. I have no idea of what Stainer and Bell was selling prior to the set we have here - which is exactly what is reprinted and sold at present by Kalmus. Carolus 17:56, 30 May 2010 (UTC)