Talk:4 Pieces (Psimikakis-Chalkokondylis, Nikolaos-Laonikos)


The reason why I titled this "Four Pieces" is because I wanted to use the words "Four" and the words "Pieces". I didn't want to use the number. I understand that IMSLP strives for conformity with regards to the titling of work pages (in terms of opus number format, syntax, capitalisation etc), but this particular composition is ONE piece, called "Four Pieces", with four separate movements. It's just *called* Four Pieces, it's not that it IS four distinct separate pieces (it is ONE composition).

In other compositions of mine where the number indicates the amount of pieces in the collection of pieces (e.g. 2 Origami) I've left it numbered.

Thanks for the understanding! • jujimufu (talk) 19:27, 13 July 2010 (UTC)

Your point is taken, but other composers are citing this as a precedent for their collections of 4 pieces to be indexed under "Four Pieces". The page titles on IMSLP merely serve as an index to the works, and do not always correspond to the titles of the works. This has recently become a significant issue, so we are having to apply the rules more strictly so that IMSLP can still continue to function effectively. But the title "Four Pieces" will still remain on your work page, and turn up if anyone searches for it specifically — P.davydov 07:16, 2 July 2012 (EDT)