Talk:Home Sweet Home, Op.51 (Gottschalk, Louis Moreau)

I think that the file is not in the public domain. The editor is CD SHEET MUSIC and the pdf files of their CDs are copyrighted. (These pdf are not exact copies of old editions and constitute a new edition).

In Canada and the US, mere scanning of a public domain work (which is what CDSM generally does) does not entitle the work to a new copyright, and I'm fairly certain (though you'd have to ask Carolus who knows more about this) that you can't copyright a file that contains only a single PD work. Additionally, for it to constitute a new edition, there would have to be significant editing done. I will put this file under copyright review. I still can't figure out why you think CDSM is the 'editor', though. --Emeraldimp 12:43, 24 June 2007 (EDT)

If it is a simple scan of an old manuscript, there is no problem but if you don't have the original manuscript to compare, you can't be sure unless CDSM write it. I think that CDSM is the 'editor' because I have their file and it is totally identical. Besides, before the total loading of your file, the logo CD Sheet Music appears on the top left of the page. --EDSO