Talk:Horn Concerto No.1, Kv.19 (Morgan, Riley E.)

Very nicely realized piece. I can just point out about some technical issues in the string parts. Mainly the chords proposed are to be revised. Though by no means unplayble, most require to be played divisi, some having to be split even into four voices (which is bad only if the effect desired is that of all the notes sounded by all performers); this can be damaging to the balance of the performance if only few musicians are available on each section (the viola one suffering most commonly from this). There are also some wide jumps, specially in the Violin I part, of an octave or more (even a sixteenth-note-arpeggiatted 15th!), which can be mostly executed, but doing so in quick succesion becomes impracticable for a string section, firstly because of the need to sustain the tempo, and secondly because not everyone will gliss (or cross two strings) exactly the same, and maybe not even adapt to the same fingering (and maybe not even land the exact tone). Finally, some of the 'cello and bass parts are out of WRITTEN-range, being too low; the basses are always transposing, so what is written for them should be expected to sound an octave lower: there's no need to give them parts beyond the second or third additional line (and probably no point since they're not expected to be able to read them). If they're mostly doubling the 'cellos an octave below, the best is just to point out which passages they are NOT to play or, better yet, to give them their own staff. Berlioz's Treatise Upon Instrumentation addresses the above issues very throroughly. Great work!