Talk:Intermezzo, Op.36 (Valen, Fartein)

Valen died in 1952, so the (c) question arises seriously here (is this the Drammen, Norway : H. Lyche, [c1952] edition or an earlier one, not that this will bear seriously on (c) issues for a work written as late as 1940... but good to know...? Anyhow, why would this be PD US?) Eric 21:19, 7 August 2008 (EDT)

The Lyche score were published initially without the required copyright notice, though they added it for later printings. To top it off, no renewal was filed after 28 years. I didn't notice any NIE filings, either. Under the US law, publication w/o notice injected a piece into the public domain upon publication. Failure to renew after 28 years also caused a work to enter the public domain. This could be amended only by filing the NIE within the two-year window under the GATT/TRIPs amendments. Thus, it is highly possible that the works are free in the USA. That's why they are marked as "checked." They haven't been reprinted, but I can't imagine that Valen would generate enough interest for Masters to bother with reprinting the titles. As far as I know, Valen's work was largely unpublished until the issues from Lyche in the 1950s. Carolus 22:04, 7 August 2008 (EDT)