Talk:Harpsichord Sonata in C major, T.27 (Galuppi, Baldassare)

Thanks to Regtien for uploading (and the work involved in transcribing)!

A few comments based on the Michelangeli recording referred to (presumably):

- adagio instead of andante?

- ABM seems to not play the grace notes in bars 4 and 9.

- ending of trills has one more note each in bar 17

- no grace note in 50

- bar 53 has G chord instead of F

- grace note (e appogiatura to d) in 55

- 2 staffs missing(!) between bars 63 and 64

Feel free to delete if already known or taken care of.

Thanks again! - PJ.

Many thanks to D.W.J. Regtien for having typeset this nice piece. Just a comment on the style used: as this is a baroque piece, my guess is that many of the detailed instructions are not present in the original notation. Things like when to play legato/staccato, arpeggio were very likely not present, the same goes for the ">" accents. Did Galuppi even know about "sf"? Echo effects like the mp/p in bars 1/6 or 11/13 were probably not written, as they are standard practice for such music.

I also wonder, if many things set as separate full notes might have been appoggiaturas/acciaccaturas or mordents. I'm especially thinking of the short notes in bars 57 and 58, but this might even be true for the upwards a-b in the main motive in the very first bar and whereever this same motive appears throughout the piece.

But anyway, I have played from these sheets many times, and me and my family enjoyed it very much. Paepse 16:23, 14 July 2010 (UTC)