Talk:Les nuits d'été, H 81 (Berlioz, Hector)

Hello everybody,

1) I've met a problem with the PDF: it can't be open with "Sumatra", and when using "Foxit" it can be read but at a certain moment (or perhaps when reaching around page 35), there is a message that "Foxit" must close, and it closes indeed. But it has been scanned by "Unknown"... In fact, I've had the same problem with "La mort d'Ophelie", which has been scanned by "Unknown" too.

2) There are two main versions for voice and piano: high voices and low voices. The scanned works seemingly belong to the 2nd version. The 1st version was written for Mezzo-soprano or tenor and in keys which differ from the second version: There are respectively:

A major, D major, G minor, F sharp major, D major and F major

in the first version, while they are (in the scan and certainly the 2nd version)

F major, B major, F minor, E flat major, B flat major and D major.

I hope someone of us has the 1rst version and will kindly scan it.

Thank you for reading my hopefully readable english.

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There is another point about Berlioz. In order to typeset with Lilypond "Les Nuits d'été" of which I have found some ".jpg" on a web site called "The Berlioz song site", I've asked the owner of the site about copyright. He answered me as follows:

"As far as the copyright is concerned, my version comes from a set of miniature scores in my possession - a complete set of Berlioz's songs in 6 volumes published by Kalmus, New York, but unfortunately not bearing a publication date. By the look of them, I would say they are at least 50 years old and maybe 100."

After transmitting this information to one of the persons in charge of Mutopia project, I've been answered as follows:

"Regarding the Berlioz pieces, I don't think the Kalmus edition is out of copyright (at least in the USA) since Kalmus only started publishing in 1926 which is relatively recent in copyright terms. I'm afraid lack of a publication date is no guarantee at all that the pieces are public domain."

Is there someone who knows wether there are out of copyright or not. Because "a complete set of Berlioz's songs in 6 volumes" would be very interesting, wouldn't it be?

Thanks for your reply.


1.) The file loads fine with Acrobat 9.0. I can't guarantee that files created with Acrobat 9.0 Pro will load with other 3rd party PDF viewers, but the file itself is intact.
2.) As to the 2 versions, perhaps our resident expert pml can answer this better than I.
If the user's scans are from a Kalmus, and of Berlioz, then they are most certainly public domain everywhere in the world. Kalmus is a reprinter first and foremost. The Kalmus is likely reprinting the old Choudens or Costallat score, maybe even re-engraved, but not likely. Daphnis 08:30, 4 February 2009 (EST)

Yes, this is the original version for Low Voice and piano. I'll add the keys and make it clear on the page. Operalala 20:02, 11 September 2009 (UTC)