Talk:List of works by Franz Liszt


The Liszt pages and work lists have been thoroughly checked and revised during 2010 to reflect the most up-to-date research. Unfortunately much of the information from the previous listing on IMSLP was inaccurate, and these errors have been widely reproduced elsewhere on the web (e.g. Wikipedia), so please take care not to reintroduce out-of-date information from these other sites back into IMSLP.

The Searle numbers are grouped as follows:

Original Works
  • S.1 — Opera
  • S.2 to S.66 — Sacred choral works
  • S.67 to S.94 — Secular choral works
  • S.95 to S.107 — Symphonic poems
  • S.108 to S.119 — Other orchestral
  • S.120 to S.126a — Piano and orchestra
  • S.126b to S.135 — Chamber music
  • S.136 to S.146 — Piano solo (studies)
  • S.147 to S.208 — Various original works
  • S.208a to S.233b — Works in dance form
  • S.233c to S.254 — Works on national themes
  • S.255 to S.256a — Piano duet (4 hands)
  • S.257 to S.258 — Two pianos
  • S.259 to S.268a — Organ
  • S.269 to S.340a — Songs
  • S.341 to S.345a — Other choral works
  • S.346 to S.350 — Recitations
Arrangements, Transcriptions, Fantasies, etc.
  • S.351 to S.364 — Orchestral works
  • S.365 to S.367 — Piano and orchestra
  • S.368 to S.377 — Songs with orchestra
  • S.377a to S.383 — Chamber music
  • S.383a to S.460 — Piano solo (paraphrases, operatic transcriptions, etc.)
  • S.461 to S.577 — Piano solo (partitions de piano, transcriptions, etc.)
  • S.577a to S.634a — Piano duet (4 hands)
  • S.635 to S.667b — 2 Pianos
  • S.658 to S.676 — Organ
  • S.677 to S.679 — Organ with other instruments
  • S.658 to S.685 — Songs with keyboard instruments
  • S.686 — Recitations
  • S.687 to S.701 — Unfinished works
  • S.702 to S.768 — Doubtful or lost works

When a piece is rediscovered, it is often moved to from the "Doubtful or lost works" section to its appropriate section above. But new discoveries, alterations and additions to Searle's original list mean that a few works now appear in the 'wrong' section of the catalogue.


The previous IMSLP worklist also included a "Supplement" of ten works (numbered S.990 to S.999) not found in other listings by Searle number:

  • S.990 - Fantasy and Fugue on the chorale "Ad nos, ad salutarem undam" [solo piano, arrangement] (?)
  • S.991 - Waltz in A major [chamber, arrangement] (?)
  • S.993 - Wartburg Lieder (Scheffel) [orchestral, arrangement] (?)
  • S.994 - Grand solo caractéristique à propos d'une chansonette de Panseron [solo piano, arrangement] (ca.1830)
  • S.995 - Variations de bravoure sur des thémes de Paganini [unfinished] (1845)
  • S.996 - Stabat Mater [solo piano] (1870-79 ?) (renumbered to S.172b)
  • S.997 - 5 Variationen über Romanze aus "Joseph" von Méhul [once attributed to Liszt, but actually by Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart)
  • S.998 - Adagio in C [solo piano] (1841) (renumbered to S.158d)
  • S.999 - Andante Maestoso [organ; may be related to S.746?] (?)

Some of the above are certainly spurious (e.g. S.997) or conjectural, while others have been renumbered. As the source for this "supplement" could not be verified elsewhere, the information has been moved to this talk page instead.