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Symphonies without opus number

According to the list of works in the biography by James Robert Sterndale Bennett, available at Google Books (admittedly only reflecting what was known to the author in 1907), the 1832 symphony is in E (finished April 6 1832), not B? (page 26 of the book.) An overture in D minor may have been intended as the first movement of a 3rd symphony and seems to be all there is of it? (early October 1833). The 5th symphony in G minor may have been lost at the time (though it has since been performed and recorded). No symphonies indeed seem to be listed between the 4th in A major and the opus 43, but it seems quite possible that the others were lost or not known, or not listed for other reasons. (Other works are listed and the list of works is interesting in any case.) Eric 04:52, 7 October 2011 (UTC)