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Wels' other masses

The 4th Mass (which is opus 127) was published in 1894 (and received a fairly positive review in Musical record and review/The Musical Record in January 1895). Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ has a copy in its library.) Other Masses by Wels include- not a comprehensive list - a St. Cecilia Mass opus 107 which may be Mass No.2 (Ditson, 1882), a Mass in C minor Op.47 (Breusing, 1859), and a 5th Mass in G major Op.134 published in 1902. According to German Wikipedia (Wikipedia (de)) (not sure their source, unless it's exactly this!), there are 5 masses by Wels. (and a piano concerto... hrm...!) Eric 19:38, 8 August 2011 (UTC)