Talk:Missa L’homme armé (Morales, Cristóbal de)

I couldn't find an e-mail address for Nancho Alvarez, so will make my suggestions here. They concern two notes in the Agnus Dei of the L'Homme Armé Mass.

Bar 82, Bassus (i.e. First Bass): I wonder whether the last note in the bar should be a minim G rather than A, to set up tension in the suspension. (Because of the free rhythmic use made of the cantus firmus here, either A or G would in theory be possible, but G seems more effective.)

Bar 112, Altus 2: the sixth quaver in the bar is shown as a low F. This will probably be inaudible anyway, but the harmony suggests to me that it should be a low G.

Mick Swithinbank