Talk:Murmure de la Cascade, Op.29 (Zabel, Albert)

At least one page possibly missing from this score.

It's possible that at least one page is missing from near the end of this score.

Two sections of the piece are marked to be repeated, but the opening repeat for the second of these sections is not followed by a closing repeat sign, which makes me think it may possibly be on a missing page. The second-last page is numbered 6, and the last page is not numbered at all (well, it probably was, but the number was cut off the top edge of the scan), so I'm inclined to think that page 7 may be missing (and may contain the missing closing repeat sign), and that the unnumbered final page may in fact be no. 8, not 7. M.J.E. 15:11, 16 January 2010 (UTC)