Talk:Panathenäenzug, Op.74 (Strauss, Richard)

When will score be available?

Maybe I don't quite know how the system works - but, even if the scores for this work are blocked, does their listing or the addition of files, even if they are blocked, mean they are working through the system and will be posted at some time? Must say, though, that I've seen other files added which certainly take a long time to become available. Things seem to get through the system very slowly sometimes - sort of like a pig going through a boa constrictor. I suppose there are legal problems, and maybe it's the case that adding a file but leaving it blocked has absolutely nothing to do with when it may become available. (Why are files added at all if for legal reasons they can't actually be shown?)

I've wanted to see the score for this work for many years, so it would be great it if could become available. M.J.E. 02:10, 25 September 2011 (UTC)