Talk:Paysage No.3, Op.311 (Mourey, Colette)

Number of "Paysage" may be wrong.

Hallo. There seems to be some confusion over the numbering of the pieces called "Paysage". This one is numbered 3 in its introduction page, but the score itself is numbered 2 and the file-name has "2" in it, not "3". And another "Paysage" on this site is also numbered 2, and I assume two different pieces aren't intended to be given the same number. (And no. 1 seems to be missing, unless the Ballade called "Paysage" is the no. 1 - but the Ballades seem to be a completely different series of pieces.)

Just wondering what the real numbering of these pieces is. Thanks. M.J.E. 12:51, 26 February 2010 (UTC) Many thanks for this remark : it's number 3, really, and I'll correct the number on the score ( both Paysages have been composed at the same day !). Friendly. Colette Mourey