Talk:Piano Concerto No.4, Op.40 (Rachmaninoff, Sergei)

Missing/duplicated pages in 2nd ver.


This is about the 2nd version of the Concerto (the first listed on this page), whose score has just been posted.

Thanks for posting this - it's really interesting to see how Rachmaninov had earlier written this concerto, and I've never seen any earlier versions before. And while the final version may represent the composer's final thoughts and perhaps the most binding ones, there certainly may be merit in sometimes performing the earlier versions, as they have their own points of interest (just like the early version of the Bb-minor Piano Sonata). I guess I'll probably never actually hear this earlier version of the Concerto, though, and may just have to imagine it from the score, and maybe try parts out on the piano myself.

So thanks for that.

There's just one problem, though - and it would be good if it could be fixed. Unfortunately, in three separate places in the last movement, a double page has been duplicated, and (at the same point) one omitted. The page sequences goes like this (I will give both the pages in the edition and the page within the .pdf file):

  88- 89 (score) - 46 (.pdf)
  90- 91 (score) - 47 (.pdf)
  90- 91 (score) - 48 (.pdf) *
  94- 95 (score) - 49 (.pdf)
  96- 97 (score) - 50 (.pdf)
  98- 99 (score) - 51 (.pdf)
  98- 99 (score) - 52 (.pdf) *
 102-103 (score) - 53 (.pdf)
 104-105 (score) - 54 (.pdf)
 106-107 (score) - 55 (.pdf)
 106-107 (score) - 56 (.pdf) *
 110-111 (score) - 57 (.pdf)

x At these points, it can be seen that, instead of pages being duplicated, pp. 92-93 (score) - 48 (.pdf) should appear the first time, pp. 100-101 (score) - 52 (.pdf) the second time, and pp. 108-109 (score) - 56 (.pdf) the third time.

Even if the original .pdf file can't be changed, would it be possible, please, to post the missing double pages as a separate, short file? That would at least enable complete printing out of the score, if not easy viewing on a screen within a single .pdf file.

Thanks. M.J.E. 10:03, 23 July 2010 (UTC)