Talk:Piano Sonata, Op.2 (Kaun, Hugo)

According to his opus 2 is a set of four pieces for piano, not a sonata however (an Arabeske, a Humoreske an Albumblatt and a Scherzo - not what's in this PDF). Odd! (Indeed according to that page and I guess its references, only a few sonatinas and a violin sonata (op. 82, D minor, published 1908) are listed among instrumental works he acknowledged with title "sonata" or similar- several symphonies (iirc the third was performed a dozen times in a very brief period in its year of premiere in different places, if I remember what I read in that year's NZM), trios (including the B-flat one recently republished, his op. 32), at least four string quartets, piano quintet, at least two? piano concertos, etc. (not to mention all the works not in sonata-style as it's called- genre pieces tone-poems like "Vineta" to liturgical and choral works to operas, the whole bit)... but only those sonata-named works. I wonder if after this was published he disowned it?) Eric 02:03, 12 October 2007 (EDT)