Talk:Piano Sonata, Op.80 (Tchaikovsky, Pyotr)

This is an early work by Tchaikovsky, composed when he was a student at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. The manuscript, unfortunately, is lost. The work was published for the first time in 1900 (?) by Jurgenson under the editorship of Sergei Taneyev (?).

An interesting version of this work (first and third movements only) exist in a Jurgenson edition "revised" by Alexander Siloti - re-written is more accurate than "revised." I recently got a copy from the Library of Congress in Washington.

I am interested in this work as it is the focus of my Doctoral Dissertation at Florida State University. I am making a new edition of this work, making the corrections and revisions which the composer would have undoubtedly made had he prepared the score for publication. As a base line of revisions, I am comparing Tchaikovsky's own revision of the Scherzo of the Sonata which he made for his first symphony, and I am using Tchaikovsky's "Guide to the Practical Study of Harmony" to correct chord spellings, rhetorical figurations, etc.

I am VERY INTERESTED in hearing from anyone who has heard/performed this unusual and satisfying work.

Prof. Scott Watkins Jacksonville University Jacksonville, Florida