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Henri Ernst (flutist) arrangements @Thompson & Odell might be by Heinrich Ernst, violinist or by a third Ernst altogether (a Henri Ernst who wasn't Heinrich Ernst but who was alive in 1880, unlike Henri Ernst the flutist)? My reason for choosing, here and under Gobbaerts and Dancla, the flutist is that Henri was known, I think, for taking up both instruments? and the works had arrangements for both instruments (flute, violin) whereas Heinrich Ernst was known (mainly? only?) as violinist (though he did write orchestral music I believe and did know his way around the winds, not doubting.) Though Henri Ernst died in 1862, assuming that these might have been publications or even republications of earlier-written arrangements. Still, perhaps Heinrich Ernst, named a la Fran├žais, may well have been the arranger. Thoughts? (May cc this to Heinrich Ernst category talk page later) Eric 18:31, 16 February 2012 (UTC)