Talk:Potpourri sur 'Martha', Op.140 (Marks, G. W.)

While G.W. Marks was one of Brahms' aliases, Marks (whether Brahms, Marks, or someone else using a "Marks" alias) also published an opus 124 in 1847, so that opus 140 was published when Brahms was 17 and opus 124 was published when he was 14-odd, suggesting either previously, I think, unknown early prodigality(?) in Brahms if so or at least that opp124 and 140 were perhaps not by Brahms (to suggest a reason at least not to once again redirect this category to Brahms, for whether or not there was a G.W. Marks, if there wasn't he wasn't just Brahms' alias. Not that I am making much sense now I suppose...except maybe to fans of Terry Pratchett.) Eric 16:25, 22 August 2011 (UTC)