Talk:Quartet 1995 (Schissel, Eric)

Which manuscript is which

Suspicion sort of confirmed - in my very much needing to be inventoried by me collection of mostly unperformable and incomplete manuscripts there is a several bar third movement, so labeled, for string quartet from June 1995 that does seem to belong with the first and second movements here more than the February 1995 one does (and it might be continued in some other notebook just as the second movement begins in one and continues in another, and I have an unfinished string trio movement from around then that, for all that it's unfinished, still takes up about 5 small notebooks and 150+? bars, I think... -- but then again my favorites among my own works are also pieces I never managed to finish; I don't mean to "finished but not revised to my satisfaction" (that probably applies to every piece of music I finished in any sense- I doubt I should be admitting that.), I mean at all- they just break off, I couldn't figure out how to continue them properly after a certain point- one near the end, one 3/4 of the way in- and in the end I sequenced them as is...) Eric 16:25, 6 September 2011 (UTC)