Talk:Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Tárrega, Francisco)

RECUERDOS DE LA ALHAMBRA This marvellous piece by Tarrega is in 3 sections the first part (section a) is from bars 1 -20 the second part (section b) is from bar 21-38 the third part (section c) is from bar 38 - 58

this piece reminisces the intricate mosaics the drone of insects the rippling fountains and the intense summer heat at this moorish forttress in alhambra which dominated the granada shore.the tremolo technique which gives an impression that the melody is sustained throughout this piece is a demanding and unique technique in the guitar.the melody is in the tremolo and the thumb plays the accompaniment in simple broken chord material.tarrega dedicated this piece to his friend alfred cottin another eminent guitarist .this title was not given by Tarrega but by the publishers of the first edition.tarrega had named it evocacion and en la reflects the peace and love he experienced when he visited the alhamba .the stalwarts of clasical guitar tarregas recuerdos is the staples of any classic guitar repetoire.he composed this in circa 1899 .the tremolo creates a shimmering effect of the lovely fountains that adorns this palace.the detailed architecture and the beauty of this place is depicted in this piece.the work is in a minor and moves to a major.if you play with the repeats the formula will be aabbabc these are the sections i talked about in the beginning.i hope this helps all those who wnat programme notes on recuerdos remember that tarrega was known as the sarasate of the guitar thanks from dominic

tarrega always tried to get a smooth sound on the guitar the recuerdos actually tries to do this "torre bermeja" by albeniz was also inspired by this building it means red tower .well this is all that i have got you can e mail me at thanks for reading