Talk:Sancta Maria, K.Anh.C 3.15 (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus)


Have been looking through Köchel 6, from - for now - K421 to so far K563. Except for once in awhile, most of the slow movement incipits confirm me in a thought I've had going through my own collection of mostly Dover-published Mozart scores- that this Pauer-arranged work just is not like middle-to-late Mozart stylistically. It could be earlier Mozart- though not for any one or any very convincing reason, and it could possibly be from some other area - a middle section, 2nd theme, or something (the middle section of the finale of K482 is the sort of thing I'm thinking of, though probably inside of a slow movement) that would not show up in K6. The main stylistic difficulty is that later Mozart slow movements are much more ornamented from practically the beginning than this is until much later on. It could, of course, be that Pauer has arranged those ornaments and rhythmic irregularities out- for some reason. More likely to me is that this is from one of the numerous works attributed to Mozart until more recently (than ca.1880) but actually by one of his contemporaries. Eric 18:41, 26 May 2011 (UTC)

Having looked at "Mozart's 12th Mass" (Mass in G major by Wenzel Müller) - one of those similar "Anh." appendix attributed works- whose main themes and accompaniments also lack the constant rhythmic and chromatic activity one finds even in the relatively more hymnic and prayerful movements in Mozart's mature masses, making its dubiousness pretty clear by comparison nowadays I think - well- I remain confirmed in the above opinion... which doesn't help attribute this, it's true. Eric 23:28, 2 February 2012 (UTC)