IMSLP talk:Score submission guide/Special cases

Are there guidelines for submitting a collection of arrangements of pieces by various composers and/or folk-tunes? In particular, what if each piece is a single-instrument solo and occupies exactly one page of paper? Example: "Thirty solos based on Eastern European Melodies" (a collection which includes both folk melodies and public-domain melodies by known composers).

Fixed :) And that example should definitely be submitted to the work page of the collector and not the original composer. --Feldmahler 18:03, 1 June 2007 (EDT)

Submission of Parts:

I strongly disagree with submitting parts as a zip file. I think users should be able to easily download just one part from a work. Think of how IMSLP will be used by some:

- to print out a single page to avoid page turn
- (orchestra) to obtain a part early to allow practise prior to the beginning of the season
- just browsing: - was the part nicely scanned? - what was that tune again? - what key is the second movement of xxxx?
- keep in mind that not everyone has a high speed connection. Even with the fastest dial-up it can take a number of minutes to download a score.

I must say the the file template used for multiple files is presented very nicely to the user. That said, we might want to compress this slightly - we could decrease the presentation to just one line rather than the two we have at present (I guess just where we have say >10 files).

To conclude: we *should* encourage people to submit multiple files rather than a zip or a pdf with multiple parts as consecutive pages.


--Homerdundas 02:41, 9 July 2008 (EDT)