Talk:Serenata, Op.6 (Toselli, Enrico)


This lovely, winsome piece can be found on the CD or Album: "The Last Dance - Music for a Vanishing Era." It may be difficult to find, but is very much worth the effort. The Serenata is performed perfectly by I Salonisti, the small chamber orchestra featured in the 1997 James Cameron film, "Titanic." There have been other recordings released which have the unfortunate sound of birds chirping added, I suppose to lend a kind of atmosphere.

Here is a link to a site that offers an image of the cover artwork as well as a list of pieces on it:

Here is a link to the I Salonisti website. You might need translation:

I believe this is one of the finest, most evocative renditions of this charming piece. I would love to see it added to the list of recordings at this very informative and helpful site.!