Talk:Serenata for Mixed Chorus (Llamazares, Pablo Fernando)

Yes, I have the composer's permission for uploadding his works. I have a problem with the title, I would like to change the title as it will apear in the list. For example "Serenata"; I think it's better "Serenata, SATB chorus" so you can see easily its instrumentation before selecting it. But how can I change this title? Thank you very much.

Thanks for letting us know. It is not necessary to include the performing forces required in the title as we have a category walker and tagging system already in place to find items by instrumentation or performing forces (e.g. SATB chorus). However, since Serenata is a common generic title, it's OK to mention that this particular "Serenata" is for Mixed Chorus as it is entirely possible that Pablo Llamazares has composed other, completely different works titled "Serenata" for different ensembles. Carolus 21:53, 26 December 2010 (UTC)