Talk:Sinfonia concertante, Op.125 (Prokofiev, Sergey)

Actually, Rostropovich did take part in making some fractions of the Solo part more playable; I imagine these may appear as Ossia. It seems unclear to me if this was made through suggestions to or by request from the composer. Although he was involved in altering the score, whether it counts as arranging or not will certainly be debatable. The issue, however, is a semantic one, as Auer's arrangement of Tschaikovsky's Op. 35 is usually referred to as "Auer's Edition", and whether or not Rostropovich arranged the work, he did edit it, and the Copyright term would remain untouched in any case.

The arrangement of Prokofiev's Op.125 had been attributed to Rostropovich, and if he had indeed reduced the original orchestral part for piano then this score would still be in copyright, and couldn't be uploaded to IMSLP. On further inspection the score itself merely says it was edited by him (with no arranger credied), which is why I changed the entry. Actually I'm surprised that both files on this page weren't deleted when they were uploaded, as they will remain blocked for many years to come — P.davydov 18:08, 2 November 2010 (UTC)
Most certainly. I hope I live to see this go PD (2057?): a long block indeed. I wouldn't know about the piano reduction; my comment was about the solo part. I believe to have read, though, that Prokofiev worked on this and only later had it orchestrated (which, if I recall clearly, wasn't done by him), which suggests his drafts might have been on a grand staff (or an otherwise reduced score), from which a piano reduction would spawn naturally and with little editing. Don't take my word for it, though, I'm not a Prokofiev or Rostropovich specialist (nor even a cellist for that matter); if I find sources about this I will gladly post them.