Talk:Sonata for recorder, cembalo obbligato and continuo TWV 42 B:4 (Telemann, Georg Philipp)

Name should be something like Sonata for recorder, cembalo obbligato and continuo TWV 42:B4 (TWV standard prototype is volume, colon, key, number - so TWV 42:B1 for the first work in B-flat in the Telemann WerkVerzeichnis volume 42, I believe; TWV 42:B4 for the 4th work in B-flat; TWV 42:D5 for the 5th work in D major in volume 42. Volume 42 consisting of works in a common genre/instrumentation.) Will try to get the documentation for this though should be easily confirmed... Apologies for overitalicization of comment, doing so for such as do not already know, not just for original author who I realize does know that..., or at least I hope others will read this and find something of interest. Eric 08:01, 12 July 2008 (EDT)

Further oddness. This "typeset" edition has a typographical and orthographical similarity to Barenreiter scores I've seen, and the "Trio No. 8" was published by Barenreiter in 1963 in an edition by Manfred Ruetz. (See for instance.) If this is a typeset edition using special fonts to approximate even better the look of a real score, good, but why is the program (LilyPond often is, for instance, as is Sibelius) not credited? (Even if it's a personal project of the submitter's?) And if the fingering is based on Ruetz's work, then this is arguably non-PD in Britain (consider that Charpentier case.) Eric 10:12, 17 August 2008 (EDT)