Talk:String Quartet No.3 in A minor (Gounod, Charles)

Gounod Quartets

3 quartets by the Quatuor Danel (same quartet as is recording Mieczyslaw Weinberg's quartets for cpo) for Valois in 1997:

  1. Petit quatuor in C major
  2. String Quartet No.2 in A major (is this the A minor, mislisted?) (movements: Allegro moderato - Allegretto - Allegro - Allegro moderato)
  3. String Quartet No.3 in F major (unpublished)

suggesting that the A minor may be perhaps quartet no.4 in A minor, or may fit somewhere else in this chronology (especially since I do not know the chronology at present) - I really do not know. The a minor (Ĺ“uvre posthume) has movements Allegro - Allegretto quasi moderato (attacca quasi subito : ) Scherzo - Final: Allegretto- apparently not the same work. ... noting your comment (Carolus) there might be (at least?!) six... I believe it. Interesting. (Interesting composer, if I need to say so, but i don't :) ) Eric 04:28, 1 January 2011 (UTC)