Talk:String Quartet in G major (Richter, Franz Xaver)

This is not Op.5 No.1 by Franz Xaver Richter. Op.5 No.1 is in C Major, the first of the set published in 1768. There are modern editions of the work available from Breitkopf and Hartel Plate KM 1902 and Edition Silvertrust ES 2010-98. The three movements of Op.5 No.1 are Allegro con brio, Andante poco and Rincontro (Presto). A recording of the work is available on Alpha CD 089

Not only is this quartet not Op.5 No.1, it is not from Op.5. This was pointed out to me by a fellow quartet player when I brought it along for a session. I had downloaded it from IMSLP. This fellow bought more than 150 works from Merton. I guess they were a for profit company at one time. He tells me that though the works sold were very cheap, they were also full errors, missing notes, staves, clefs, often very crookedly set, mislabeled etc. I only mention this because I was very surprised and a little embarrassed to learn that what I had downloaded here was not what it claimed to be.

So perhaps the editors of IMSLP might want to check these Merton works for accuracy. This is the first time I downloaded one.