Talk:String Symphony No.7 in D minor, MWV N 7 (Mendelssohn, Felix)


The trio of the third movement ends without a da capo indication (noticed this when reading the printed version, too.) Most recordings of this string symphony have gone directly from the trio to the finale possibly because of this, with only one exception I've heard by now (and I don't remember who the conductor and orchestra were). Occasionally during the classical and early Romantic period a composer would leave out the da capo indication after the trio of a minuet - Mozart did so in some of his string quartets, I know - but I am just about positive, though of course guessing, that none of them intended for the da capo to be skipped. (Composers - Ives not included (the wrong notes are right) - very often forget to include accidentals at every point they want them in manuscripts, too, but it's an editor's job to guess where some of those places might have been. So I have to consider this a fault in the edition...) Still, even though I haven't consulted Mendelssohn's original manuscript - of course, given that, it may well have said explicitly that the da capo was to be skipped and the very unclassical key progression (D minor- B major - D major) authentic ) - anyway, I assume the rest of the edition is rather good... Eric 18:37, 16 May 2011 (UTC)