Talk:Suite bergamasque (Debussy, Claude)

Does anyone know of a good method to learn the Passepied piece?

     I don't know who wrote this, or when; but, if you're still around, perhaps you could be more specific about what you want to know, as there seem no particular complications to this piece. Just practise it like you would anything else, taking care over details, and deciding exactly what effect you want each passage to give, then aiming for that - if you're not clear on this, try different ways until you become clear on how you want to interpret it.

     One suggestion concerns the staccato quavers found through much of the piece. For what it's worth, I've found it necessary to handle the sustaining pedal very carefully for these passages, as I find it unbearably dry and mechanical to use no pedal at all for these passages, apart from the fact that it may make some legato passages in the other hand difficult or impossible - but clearly you can't use it fully depressed from chord to chord without nullifying much if not all of the staccato effect.

     To that end, I would get used to thinking of that pedal as a finely graduated device with many degrees in between, not just an on-off thing where it's either up or down. Get used to half-pedalling, quarter-pedalling, and the like - practise it, and get to know what effects it has. I've found that there is an in-between style of pedalling that can give some richness of tone and yet let staccato effects sound staccato.

     ... If that's of any help.... M.J.E. 00:46, 12 November 2015 (EST)