Talk:Symphony No.1 in G minor (Kalinnikov, Vasily)

English Horn and Oboes

This symphony is scored for 2 Oboes and English Horn. The english horn is used only during the second movement. It is possible for one of the oboes to double on english horn - but at the expense of a single note. At the bar before rehearsal letter N, the english horn finishes a solo passage with a dotted half note. The two oboes begin right after at letter N, both with dotted half notes. One of these could be omitted to give time for one of the oboes to switch from english horn back to oboe.

Luck's Reprint Orchestral Parts

These have been cleaned, retouched and have had misprints corrected after scanning. They should now be *better* than the originals!

Corrections Made

Flute 1 ver 1.1

- movement 2, rehearsal [J] should be [I]
- movement 2, one before [K] - should be dotted half note
- movement 3, rehearsal [J] should be [I]

Oboe 1

- movement 3, 9 bars after [A], should be dotted half note.

Clarinet 1

- movement 4, two before [H], last note is D

Violin 1

- movement 4, [W]+7 second note is a half note.


- movement 3, bar before [S], grace note is D#

Cello scan ver 1.1

- movement 3, bar before [S], grace notes are D#

--Homerdundas 16:46, 20 November 2008 (EST)

  • Corrected bad page order on Piccolo, Horn 1

--Homerdundas 16:31, 2 December 2008 (EST)