Talk:Symphony No.4, Op.90 (Mendelssohn, Felix)

Revised version of 1837

Interesting- I believe that a version incorporating revisions the composer was continuing to work on into the 1840s?? was published much more recently and has been recorded twice (the first movement is at least basically the same as either the 1833 or 1837 version but the last three movements are quite different- and to my subjective ear, maybe just the influence of novelty, but - they do seem to work even better than the "standard" version - tighter form and sharper orchestration, etc. Nothing that can be posted here without permissions of course, but good to know of the existence of such a thing in any case (.. .assuming I'm not misremembering completely.)

As to the list of symphonies, for what it's worth there's also a C major pair of fragmentary movements (piano reduction only I believe) whose opening relates to the Son and Stranger overture, and was published in Grove 2 with permission from the person in whose keeping it was left. (For all that, good enough that it would be nice to hear an orchestration attached to a CD of something else, as has been done with the few bars in full score of Stenhammar's 3rd :) ) Eric 02:51, 3 February 2012 (UTC)