Talk:Tears, Idle Tears, WoO.52A (Raff, Joachim)

Most if not all authentic works by the composer were catalogued by him and are known- this might be one of them with English words different from the usual substituted, but worth checking with the Raff society to see if it belongs somewhere in the list at of known works. A lot of works attributed to Raff during his lifetime for one reason or another turned out not to be, I think (of course, one - very different - and noticeable case was a collection of works by his brother Joseph Caspar Raff who, since he published as Joseph Raff- the same first name as his brother Joseph Joachim Raff - well, this has led to numerous difficulties down the line; quite a few libraries still attribute his works to Joachim to this day). Eric 11:51, 6 March 2012 (EST) (I gather my concerns may be overblown here however. Hrm. Sorry! :) )

My understanding regarding the collection that this song comes from is that the editor, William George Cusins, requested settings of Tennyson texts by various composers and seems to have succeeded in fulfilling the requests (Liszt even wrote one for the publication, and Grove indicates it is the only English text he ever set). I don't see any reason for doubting the authorship, although as you suggest it is always possible that he simply set a Tennyson text to an earlier composition -- however, Raff's contribution is the only to contain two settings of the same text which makes it unique. Certainly something to investigate -- if you find anything, let me know. Massenetique talk email 20:45, 6 March 2012 (EST)

I asked about it on, where there are several Raff experts and others who might recognize the tune if it belonged to someone else they might know, and learned the same. Was a bit suspicious since there are a number of collections - some scanned in at LoC - that at least look like they contain tunes by - maybe the right composer (maybe not) but to new words , etc.! ... but yes, this makes sense. Thanks! Eric 20:54, 6 March 2012 (EST)